Personalized / Custom Embroidered Towels with hotel brand in different gram-weights and reversible styles to give you a luxurious hotel feel at home. With the widest selection and great deals on luxury hotel towels sets includes custom embroidered bath towels, customized embroidery hand towels, personalized Spa towels with embroidery,  custom logo pool towels and monogrammed beach towels. Winfly help hotels create another luxury standard for hotel towels embroidered with logo and make every hotel outstanding.

Custom Hilton Hotel Luxury Spa Towels Wholesale

Hilton Luxury Spa towel-150*100 cm-750 g

Luxurious Combed Cotton 100% Custom Embroidered Bath Towels

Fairmont towel set-32*32*60 G-40*80*200 G-80*150*800 G

Sofitel Hotel Luxurious Custom Bath Towels With Logo

Sofitel towel set-32*32*60 G-40*75*180 G-80*150*800 G

Luxury Embroidered Guest Towels Wholesale

Hilton Towel set-32*32*70 G-40*80*200 G-80*150*800 G

Luxury Hotel & Spa Wholesale Towels For Embroidery

Ritz Carlton Towel Set-32*32*60 G-40*75*180 G-80*150*800 G

Personalized Westin Hotel Heavenly Bath Towels

Westin towel set-40*75*170 G-80*150*700 G

Luxury Hotel & Spa Bath Towels Wholesale

Sheraton bath towel set-32*32*60 G-40*75*180 G-80*150*800 G