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Winfly is a premium manufacturer and supplier of finest hotel linen products ets. 1998. Wholesale hotel bed linens and bath linens such as hotel bed sheet, hotel towels, bathrobes, slippers, pillows and duvets. Quality is culture of our enterprise. We take very strict quality inepection during all production steps from raw materials to finished products. Luxury hotel linens wholesale at very best factory prices.

Winfly linens are widely used in five star hotels like Ritz Carlton, Fairmont, ST.Regis, Sofitel, Marriott and more. Many famous hotels has been working with us for more than 10 years, we have become their designated supplier of luxury hotel linens bulk. What’s more, we even helped some branded hotels create IP products and sell with them together. The most successful projects are the Hilton series and IHG series. There is really good feedback from the market.


Silk like cotton 80S fabric is the standard for top luxury hotels. It is used in our Hilton Beddings. The hotel manager told us their guests like our beddings crazily. But they don’t know why these cozy beddings come ultra soft and comfortable.

We select more than 39mm long staple cotton for these deluxe beddings. In hospitality industry, this kind of fabric has another name as gold cotton. Our beddings are normally a bit more expensive than the market average. Because we use better materials and our dying process and sewing process are better as well.

In 2022, Hilton Nanjing upgrated their beddings again. Winfly is still their favorite supplier for these fantastic customized bedding products. We select highest quality goosed down for their duvet. Winfly knows a good sleep is quite important for hotel guests. We take care of their beautiful dreams by providing them best goose down duvet made of the finest 95% goose down. No smell, ultra soft, very warm and excellent design as well. Not all duvet can be called Winfly duvet. We make very best customized bedding sets for luxury hotels.


A cozy bathrobe has become a signature of luxury hotel. Five star hotels like hilton, Sheraton, Ritz, Marriott go very strict selection of their custom hotel robes. We all know Winfly is famous for their luxury custom hotel robes in China. In China big cities like Shanghai, Nanjing, Beijing, you can always see the luxury robes produced by Winfly in lots of luxury hotels like Ritz, Hilton, Sheraton, Marriott and more. But actually Winfly is not only famous bath linen supplier among the Chinese hotels, but a well-known brand in global hotels.

Why so many luxury hotels choose Winfly for robes? Winfly is a premium manufacturer and supplier of robes ets. 1998. We have world most high end machines for all bathrobes’ production. With over 20 years experience of OEM hotel robes, here you can get 100% copy of every luxury hotel robe you like. We also have R&D department who can create a branded robes especially for your hotel. Sounds cool? What’s more, you can get these luxury personalized robes at rather competitive factory prices.


Luxury is a feeling, feel luxury with Winfly custom logo hotel towels. Nothing is more comfortable than wrap yourself in a cozy towel after the bath. 5 star hotels like Ritz, Sheraton, Hilton, Marriott are customizing their towels with Winfly. Every year many new hotels choose Winfly as well for their custom hotel towels. Winfly towels are thick, ultra soft, very absorbent and have excellent design. You can do all kinds of OEM towels here. We have highest quality, fastest delivery as well as warmest service.

Not all towels are called Winfly towels. We have very strict quality control from raw material to every step of production. With over 20 years of experiences on OEM towels, our team can always give you most professional suggestions on any of your customized towels. If you want to buy high quality branded hotel towels with nice factory prices, Winfly will be your No. 1 choice.

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