Luxury Monogrammed Towels

Luxury Towels custom made with Personalized Monograms. Premium quality Monogrammed Towels customized for 5 star hotels such as Four Seasons, Waldorf Astoria, ST. Regis, Sofitel Legent, Mandarin Oriental and more. As a leading manufacturer and supplier of luxury monogrammed towels, Winfly provide varities of hotel towels such as spa towels monogrammed, monogrammed bath towels, monogram hand towels, pool towel with monograms, personalized monogrammed beach towels. These monogrammed towels can customized as 16S, 32S, 32/2S which is ultra soft and fluffy for spa use. Our monogrammed bath towels have become a symbol of world famous hotels and spas.

Marriott Luxury Towels With Monogramms

Bath towel 140cm x 70cm-740g

Hilton Luxury Spa Towels Set

Hilton Luxury Spa towel-150*100 cm-750 g

Luxury Monogrammed Towels For Faimont Hotel

Fairmont towel set-32*32*60 G-40*80*200 G-80*150*800 G

Sofitel Hotel Luxurious Monogram Bath Towels With Logo

Sofitel towel set-32*32*60 G-40*75*180 G-80*150*800 G

Hilton Monogrammed Towels Wholesale

Hilton Towel set-32*32*70 G-40*80*200 G-80*150*800 G

Ritz Carlton Wholesale Towels For Monograms

Ritz Carlton Towel Set-32*32*60 G-40*75*180 G-80*150*800 G

Personalized Westin Hotel Heavenly Bath Towels

Westin towel set-40*75*170 G-80*150*700 G

Sheraton Hotel Towels With Personalized Monograms

Sheraton bath towel set-32*32*60 G-40*75*180 G-80*150*800 G

Wholesale Luxury Spa  Monogrammed Towels

Custom Monogrammed Towels -32*32*60G-40*75*180G-80*150*800G

Luxurious Monograms | Custom Embroidery

Every stitching shows the high quality of our luxury monogram towels. We have most professional monogramming staffs who will do their best to make the monogrammed logo look perfect on the towels. Winfly provide best solutions for all kinds of luxury hotel custom monogrammed towels.

Leading Manufacturer of Monogrammed Towel

Winfly towel factory is located in HuaiAn, China with a total area of more than 20, 000 m³. Quality is culture of our towel factory. We select best long staple cotton yarns which are ultra soft, very fluffy and absorbent. If you come to visit our towel factory, you will have a chance to see word most advanced towel equipments such as 50 rapier looms and 8 needle interlock machines imported from germany, 200 high quality sewing machines, 10 digital embroidery machines. What’s more, Winfly has a strong towel production team with 200 experienced workers and 10 technical engineer and 10 QC. All these are strong guarantees of the most luxurious monogrammed towels.

Create Another Luxury Standard of your Monogrammed Towels

A piece of towel, a piece of love and care for hotel guests. Luxury bath comes from luxury bath towel with monogrammed logo customized by Winfly. People all know our towels are beautiful with the luxury monograms. But seldom people know we have our own R&D department which can help make your custom monogrammed towels unique in design. These new designed towels are widely used in global Hilton and IHG branded hotels.

Many boutique hotels love ordering luxury monogrammed towels from Winfly. Our specially customized towels have become a signature in these luxury boutique hotels. Not like the poor quality towels, our high quality bath towels can keep fluffy for much longer time like 1 year at least. We have very strict quality inspection team. Even world most sticky clients like the Swiss are very satisfied with the quality of our personalized monogrammed hotel towels. Winfly is always your number one choice of luxury monogrammed towels.

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