Bath Mat & Rug

Personalized / Custom Hotel Bath Mats Wholesale from luxury to basic to suit every type of hotel and budget. Leading manufacturer and supplier of finest custom made bath mats bulk for hotel, spa, bathroom and so on. Our bath mats are customized in 100% cotton towel which can be personalized in square or round  with a choice of sizes. We can put your custom logo brand on the label of the bath mats. Our mission is to create another luxury standard of the custom bath mats and make every hotel outstanding. Shop best personalized bath mats and rugs with Winfly at most competitive wholesale prices.

Luxury Custom Bathroom Rugs-100% Cotton Bath Rugs

Ritz Carlton Bath Rug-80*50 cm*900g

Luxury Hotel & Spa 100% Cotton Bath Mat Wholesale

Nanjing Hilton bath mat- 85*50 cm*350 g

Wholesale 100% Cotton Luxury Hotel Bath Rugs

Cotton Bath Rug, 50*80cm*800g